Lviv traditions, the experience of several generations - embodied in sweets!
It takes time and attention to detail to achieve perfection. Our sweet is the work and experience of several generations, thousands of attempts, insights, careful selection - tastes, shades, aromas, sensations.

The evening after night, women, and sometimes men, honed their skills in creating what is as much an attribute of high civilization as perfume or whimsical design but survived a period of severe trials, consolation, hope, and a ray of happiness in times of trouble.

This skill in creating sweets has come down to us somewhere through family traditions, somewhere through old touching recipe books, and thanks to people who under all circumstances tried to preserve dignity, enjoy life, and fill the space around them with perfection, even if the only possible perfection there was the smell of apples baked in the dough.

We believe that there are only two types of pastries - homemade and other. We have a home. And you can take it with you, to your home or to the home of your relatives and friends. Order a candy bar for big events: anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations, worth two weeks before the event.

For many years, the Confectionery has been preparing special holiday cakes for its customers - donuts for Christmas and Easter cakes. To please a huge number of people, we accept orders a month before the holidays!
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