Nostalgia Cake

This recipe had been brought to Lviv Cukiernia by the legendary Miss Genia, a confectioner from the Lviv Intourist Hotel. Some Lviv residents remember this cake by its old name Intourist. Today’s Hotel George was the most luxurious place in Lviv in the late 19th century. During Soviet times, this hotel, with its 200-year history, entered the Intourist network and became the sole place where foreigners could stay. Local residents were drawn to this hotel for their morning coffee; in particular, sellers of foreign goods and currencies on the black market and those who were supposed to keep an eye on them. In this adventurist world of foreigners, petty criminals, and KGB agents, Miss Genia watched over her sublime almond cookies, the amount of chocolate in her cakes, and the order and cleanliness in her kitchen more painstakingly than Soviet border guards at the Iron Curtain.

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