Lvivska Cukiernia in your home

We believe that there are two kinds of bakery — homemade and the rest. We have only homemade. And you can bring it with you to your home or to your friends and family.

The best way to place an order for yourself and your guests is to visit the Lvivska Cukiernia in your city a day before your gathering. The addresses of the Lvivska Cukiernias in Ukraine are listed on the Contact page.

Large orders for special events (anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations) should be placed two weeks in advance.

In all of the Lvivska Cukiernias in Ukraine you can order custom cakes for your celebrations. Expect to be impressed!

For many years Lvivska Cukiernia has baked holiday specialties for our customers — pampukhs for Christmas and Paskas for Easter. To fulfill all of our orders, we need at least one month’s notice before the holiday.

Celebrations in Lvivska Cukiernia

The more friends you have, the more will be able to experience different tastes, aromas, and have a sweet time. Table reservations for a birthday celebration (or for other important events in your life) can be made a day in advance. Addresses and telephone numbers of Lvivska Cukiernias in Ukraine can be found on the Contact page.